In the spacious hall of the atrium, on the ground floor, compressed air canisters are lined up on both sides. They were used to work the Diesel engines in the Machine Room above.

History of the Centrale Montemartini
With educational panels giving an exhaustive history of the building from its installation onwards, including period photographs and technical drawings.
Also examining the characteristics of main main machines used.
Throughout the exhibit the individual machines have labels explanatory labels.

The furnishing of the museum
he sculpture of the Musei Capitolini was transfered to the Centrale Montemartini during reconstruction works at the Musei Capitolini complex, so that they could remain on display throughout the period, rather than being put into store.
Several panels describe the various phases of furnishing, including the packing in the Musei Capitolini, the transportation, and the installation in the rooms of the Centrale Montemartini.
There is a particular focus on the movement of many large and heavy pieces of sculpture, achieved using expedient technical solutions.