The Esquiline Necropolis

The vast graveyard of the Esquiline, explored at the end of the 1800s, was used from the end of the IXth century BC and throughout the repubblican period.
Rich funerary goods are evidence of the fertile cultural climate of Rome in the archaic period and the development of commercial exchanges with Etruria and Greek, resulting in numerous important objects.
An exceptional fresco fragment from the inside of a chamber tomb shows a military scene from the Samnite wars (first half of the IIIrd century BC), narrated in the style of Roman triumphal art.

Sala Colonne - Necropoli Esquilina
Cassa con coperchio a doppio spiovente
Funerary monument and ornaments
End of the VIth - early Vth century BC
Affresco con scene militari dalla tomba dei Fabii
First half of the IINDIrd century BC
metà del III secolo a.C.
metà del III secolo a.C.