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The Museo della Centrale di Montemartini offers for sale at the ticket office the complete catalogue of the museum in Italian and English, with the description of the collection and the history of the power plant from its construction to its current transformation, with vintage plants and photographs.
You can also find catalogues of some museums of the municipality, in Italian and English including the Ara Pacis, Barracco, Roman Civilization, Mura while the catalogue of the Capitoline Museums is available in five languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and German).  

Of particular interest is Gli Horti di Roma Antica, a publication that reconstructs in excursus, the history of the Horti from antiquity to their rediscovery, up to the composition of the Capitoline collection and the creation of the Montemartini Museum.
You can also find on sale a small selection of postcards that highlight the splendid combination of classical art and machines, made in the museum.
Courteous and competent assistance will help you not only in the immediate (direct) purchase but also if you want to order titles and objects on request, to be delivered also at home.
You can pay cash or with credit or debit card.


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10% discount for MIC card and Lazio Youth Card holders
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