Statue of Pothos

Statua di Pothos
Tipologia : 
Copy from the Hadrianic period of a IVth century BC original
Materia e tecnica: 
Rome, Via Cavour (1940)

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Sala Caldaie - Domus di Via Cavour

Works done to create the Underground in 1940 led to the discovery, on the corner of Via Cavour and Via di S. Maria Maggiore, of several of the rooms of a Roman house built in the Hadrianic era.
The rooms face onto an open space decorated with a fountain; in the vestibule and the large marble floored hall, four notable marble sculptures were found, which had already been restored in antiquity: two statues of Pothos, the nostalgic love felt for someone far away, one of a sleeping satyr, and one of a Roman general in heroic nudity.