Roman republic

The Museum preserves extraordinary evidence of the origins of the city of Rome.

Rich funerary objects testify to the fruitful cultural climate of archaic Rome and the development of trade with Etruria and Greece, attested by precious imported objects.

There are also some unique pictorial decorations from aristocratic chamber tombs of the Middle Republican age: this is an exceptional piece of a fresco from the Tomb of the Fabii, depicting military scenes related to the Samnite wars (first half of the third century BC) narrated in the style of Roman triumphal painting and other paintings with scenes of combat and triumphal procession from the so-called Arieti Tomb.

Sala Colonne - Necropoli Esquilina
Cassa con coperchio a doppio spiovente
Funerary monument and ornaments
End of the VIth - early Vth century BC
Affresco con scene militari dalla tomba dei Fabii
First half of the IINDIrd century BC
metà del III secolo a.C.
metà del III secolo a.C.