Into the Future

14 Italian artists write the history of pop surrealism
14/10 - 23/10/2011
Musei Capitolini Centrale Montemartini

Italian Pop Surrealism is a group show that features an eclectic mix of works by our most talented Italy-based artists.

Born with the not so appreciated label of Low Brow (to keep the distances from an art realized by and for an élite), Pop Surrealism makes us aware of a small but extremely significant revolution.
It’s the artist himself (and the audience) that understands the reality in which we live in and gives us a new kind of imagery that appears as never seen before, but carries a deep link to our subconscious through the use of allegorical visions common to our collective brain.
Pop Surrealism arises in the whole world as the one and only cultural stream of our times, overclassing the so-called contemporary art, that by now refers to the Seventies, so it’s not really contemporary anymore.
This new artistic flow carries all the hallmarks of both classical and contemporary art, but manages to trascend them through a unique and refreshing personal interpretation of old and new themes.
The most refined technical skills are now used to represent the ordinary life, the everyday events that become surreal in a landscape that is real and impossibile at the same time.
The characters of our childhood and youth become so metaphors of infinity, innocence and purity on one hand, and statements of the times in which we live in on the other hand, in a balanced and unique marriage between classical technical skills and modern pop culture.
We will show you the multi-faceted nature of Pop Surrealism through the works of 40 artists. Some of them now live in other countries, others won’t ever leave Italy, many of them are newborn artists, that live this moment unaware of being part of such a great artistic revolution.
Pop Surrealism is the only artistic movement that shows the specifics of our times, showing a deeper meaning that goes beyond the representation, in a perfect even if difficult to imagine union between reality and dream, where dream is part of reality itself and not only a way to represent it visually.
In an other time, it would have been easy for dusty academics to relegate this movement to the ghettoized realms of subculture, but in an age and place where technologies give us the chance and freedom to share images and thoughts in real-time with the whole world, we witness a world-wide consciousness raising, where is mostly the audience that decides the value of an art-work, overpassing the gallery managers themselves, setting up new rules for an art form that rises from underground.
That being stated, it is our big pleasure to introduce you to the Italian Pop Surrealism movement, through an exhibition that embraces all its eclectic and original sides, its similarities and differencies with the West-coast based colleagues, exploring widely this new generation of artists grown up on a mix of American visual culture and Japanese modern culture, and yet totally capable of a personal and original interpretation of them.


Musei Capitolini Centrale Montemartini
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Bafefit, Erica Calardo, Desiderio, El Gato Chimney, Camilla d'Errico, Gabriels, Michele Guidarini, Nicoz, Jonathan Pannacciò, Max Papeschi, Ania Tomicka, Elio Varuna, Giuseppe Veneziano, Amelia Von Grune
Andrea Oppenheimer

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