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Special appointments for visiting the museum from home and learning more about its history and heritage. These are virtual tours and video stories enriched by audio and image clips to describe the museum and its masterpieces.

Statua di Musa: Polimnia



The new virtual tour of the Centrale Montemartini, accessible from all mobile devices, offers a tour to discover the beauty of the heritage through a digital experience that goes beyond the space limits of almost the whole museum space. Thanks to the use of indoor drones, VR images have been created that allow the mosaics to be viewed from a new point of view that celebrates their beauty. With the special controls it is possible to move virtually around the museum, read the information panels on the rooms and works, visit 60 new rooms in 360°, browse through photo galleries and videos and enjoy other contextual content. The Don't Miss section, which contains a handy visual list of selected works or rooms, is a useful tool for those who are new to the museum and visiting it for the first time. The tour is also enhanced by intelligent maps that follow the visitor as he or she moves from room to room, highlighting rooms or works not yet displayed. Lastly, thanks to the latest generation of drones, it is possible to take flight and see rooms and works from above, enjoying an additional and original perspective on the visit.

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Discovering the history of the Civic Museums and making them accessible through the words of the curators, archaeologists and art historians of the Sovrintendenza. The museum through images and voice, content accessible to all

Episode 1
Serena Guglielmi from the Sovrintendenza Capitolina, supervisor at the Centrale Montemartini, talks about the birth of the museum.

Episode 2
Serena Guglielmi goes back in time to the beginning of the 20th century, when the building that now houses the museum was "only" the first public power station in Rome.

Episode 3
Serena Guglielmi in the halls of the museum, discovering the artworks on display: the statues, mosaics and other archaeological finds from the Roman era that make this place extraordinary.

Episode 4
Serena Guglielmi talks about the front section of the Tempio di Apollo Sosiano, one of the most famous contexts exhibited in the museum.

Episode 5
Serena Guglielmi on a walk in the square outside the Centrale Montemartini, amidst the decorations of the two cast-iron street lamps made by Duilio Cambellotti in the early 1900s.