Funerary Monuments and the Ostiense Necropolis

In the funerary art section are displayed the funerary monument of Sulpicius Maximus, who, as a very young poet, won a musical competition in 94 AD, and the funerary cippo of Giulius Elius Iulus, a rich shoemaker shown in a pose of heroic nudity.
Additionally, the principle phases of the vast necropolis, which was in use from the end of the late republican period to the IVth century AD, are illustrated with portraits of the dead, funerary altars, ash urns, funerary cippi and sarcophagai. The necropolis was discovered in the environs of the Church of Saint Paul Outside the Walls; part of it is still visible in the middle of the current road.

Sala Caldaie - Monumenti funerari e Necropoli Ostiense
Stele funeraria di C. Giulio Elio
Funerary monument and ornaments
Last 20 years of the Ist century AD
Monumento funerario di Sulpicio Massimo
Funerary monument and ornaments
Late Ist century AD
Frammento di coperchio di sarcofago
Funerary monument and ornaments
Last 20 years of the IInd century AD