Mosaic with Nilotic scene

Mosaic / Intarsia
Second half of the 1st century BC
Material and technique: 
Marble and glass paste tesserae
Rome, Via Nazionale - excavations for the construction of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (1882)
AC 4956

The mosaic depicts a scene set along the banks of the Nile. The presence of priests feeding a crocodile wearing a wreath of roses evokes the ritual festivals held in the Egyptian city of Crocodilopolis in honour of the crocodile god Sobek.

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Letto funerario in osso con scene dell’infanzia di Dioniso

The precious objects that were brought to Rome from Greece and the Hellenistic world as spoils of war from the IInd century BC onwards influenced the fashions of the richest classes, introducing luxury objects produced to these models, to the private sphere.