Polychrome mosaic with Rape of Proserpina and busts of the Seasons

Mosaic / Intarsia
Mid 2nd century AD
Found in Rome, in a columbarium in the Via Portuense (1885)
MC 1235

The central panel of this large mosaic depicting the rape of Proserpina by Pluto, god of the Underworld, features busts of the Seasons in the corners and stylised floral and geometric decorations.

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Sala Caldaie - Monumenti funerari e Necropoli Ostiense

In the funerary art section are displayed the funerary monument of Sulpicius Maximus, who, as a very young poet, won a musical competition in 94 AD, and the funerary cippo of Giulius Elius Iulus, a rich shoemaker shown in a pose of heroic nudity.